Moving Android On Social Robots and Body-in-Interaction

TitleMoving Android On Social Robots and Body-in-Interaction
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsAlač, M
JournalSocial Studies of Science
Start Page491
Date Published08/2009
ISSN0306-3127, 1460-3659
Keywordsembodiment, gesture, human—technology extension, laboratory studies, multimodal semiotic interaction, social robotics
Social robotics studies embodied technologies designed for social interaction. This paper examines the implied idea of embodiment using as data a sequence in which practitioners of social robotics are involved in designing a robot's movement. The moments of learning and work in the laboratory enact the social body as material, dynamic, and multiparty: the body-in-interaction. In describing subject—object reconfigurations, the paper explores how the well-known ideas of extending the body with instruments can be applied to a technology designed to function as our surrogate.